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You were searching "Lawyer Curaçao"?

Stop looking! CaribeLAW is different. Your lawyer Curaçao turns the legal profession is something positive! We are easygoing, young and certainly not boring.

Do you hesitate to call a lawyer? We get that. It is not your ‘everyday business’ and the reason is rarely pleasant. But don’t worry! CaribeLAW helps you find your way out in the maze of the employment law and contract law of Curaçao and The Netherlands.

Astrid BarendregtLawyer Curaçao

Lawyer Curaçao: a personal approach

CaribeLAW stands for a personal approach. We are dedicated to our clients and think along. We opt for practical advice and skip the hassle.

Feel free to communicate directly to your lawyer. By email, Whatsapp or phone. Do you have an urgent question outside regular working hours? No problem!

We work both hard and efficient, but always with attention for you and/or your company.

What you aim for, becomes our final goal. Quality is our priority. Just because we are passionate about what we do.

Astrid Barendregt – Lawyer Curaçao


Who is your Lawyer Curaçao?

The lawyer behind CaribeLAW is Astrid Barendregt. Clients describe her as ‘professional’ and an absolute ‘people person’. Her approach is fast, effective and, above all, personal.

Astrid has been specializing in employment and contract law for over 14 years. She studied Dutch law in Leiden (the Netherlands) and French law in Lyon (France). After her master's degree in civil law, she started working at the office of the State Advocate in The Hague. Later she worked for a smaller firm.

In 2013 Astrid started her own firm. Astrid felt that being a lawyer could be more positive and personal than it usually is. Ever since, Astrid is always searching for a perfect mix of quality, professionality and an eye for the people behind the cases on her desk. Because law is not only about ‘boring’ contracts and lawbooks. Astrid started as a lawyer in The Netherlands and she still is registered at the Dutch Bar. At the same time she lives and works as a lawyer Curaçao.


Employment Law Curaçao

Your CaribeLAW-lawyer Curaçao specializes in the employment law of Curaçao (and The Netherlands). And not without a reason! The employment law of Curaçao is both complicated and unclear. That is why we are here for you…


Feelgood law practice

CaribeLAW is fast and efficient. We aim for practical solutions. Always with full attention for you and/or your company. It is our job to make you leave the legal hassle behind as quick as possible.

Optimal communication

Good communication is important and pleasant. That is why calling, emailing or using Whatsapp is no problem. We are there to help you when you need us. Feel free to contact us outside regular working hours.

No hassle: back to normal life

We understand that you are looking for an experienced employment law professional. Someone who can take care of your case. In fact, everything is better than searching on the internet in an attempt to solve the problem yourself. The only thing you want, is return to normal life again. We can make this happen.

Fixed Fee

If possible, CaribeLaw prefers to deliver legal services based on a fixed fee. This means: complete transparency and no unpleasant financial surprises.

Contract Law Curaçao

Can I get rid of this contract? Am I entitled to damages? Is this clause valid? CaribeLAW is happy to answer all those questions. Why contacting a lawyer Curaçao of CaribeLAW?


Better safe than sorry

You can prevent many legal problems in the future with a solid contract. Lawyer Curaçao can provide you with such contracts.

What does CaribeLAW do?

We create new contracts, check existing contracts and give practical advice on the content and validity thereof. And of course, we help you out in legal procedures. We are an excellent litigation partner with over 14 years of experience.

Legal trouble

CaribeLAW counsels clients with their questions about: the interpretation of contracts, breach of contract, dissolution and compensation (damages).
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